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Registration for 2023-2024
Pre-School Registration 2022-2023
Pre-School Registration 2022-2023



With a view to the west of Mount Orford, Owl’s Head, Jay Peak and Lake Memphremagog, Sunnyside Elementary enjoys a prominent position in Stanstead.  The students who had been taught at Stanstead College prior to 1950 arrived at Sunnyside Elementary School on September 10, 1952 to continue their education in one of the most modern schools in the province.  In 1959, after being enlarged substantially, Sunnyside assumed an even greater role in the three villages as the new Sunnyside High School.  From 1969, when Alexander Galt Regional High School opened its doors, to the present, Sunnyside has continued to serve the needs of the English community of Stanstead as an elementary school.

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Student Enrolment: 102

Staff: 11 Teachers

Support staff:  6