Sunnyside Circus

Press release April 14, 2014
SunnyCircus thrills a sold-out audience!
The students of Sunnyside School presented a fabulous circus performance to a standing-room only crowd last Thursday night, April 10th.
The 90 minute show featured a mix of athletics, gymnastics, dance, balance and dramatic skills all intertwined and staged to present a modern, fun and energetic circus show. The 25 separate acts gave a chance for every student to be a part of the show which included a ‘Wild Animals’ act, walking the tightrope, tumbling, skipping and jumping, diabolos, hula hoops, devil sticks, poi twirls, rolla-bolla, unicycles and magic tricks
Sunnyside physical education teacher, Chantal Menard, was working with Circus professional, Marc Lafrenière and the students once a week since October. ‘Mr. Marc’, as the students called him, was wonderful. He spent time with all the students teaching skills, helping them learn the acts and then directing them to concentrate on the routines that would show their best abilities.
Circus is a perfect example of the new kind of physical education classes where all students can find something that shows their talents, so they want to come to gym and be physically active.
The Circus was much more than a phys-ed activity, it was the theme for learning throughout the school. Students were reading and writing about the circus in both English and French, learned about the history and different types of circus performances, we did math problems that had circus content, and art classes focused on creating a multitude of beautiful decorations to create a real circus atmosphere in the school.
Already Sunnyside staff are talking about next year’s circus show!