Academic programs


Curriculum Program

  • Pre-Kindergarten Full-time
  • Bilingual Kindergarten
  • Languages: English Language, Arts, Français langue seconde
  • Mathematics, Science, Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Code-In-Action for Respect
  • Twice weekly Arts & Music Program


French Second Language

  • Cycles 1 – 3, 30% curriculum in French
  • Including Science, Social Sciences and the Arts


Special Needs

Our services are based on a compassionate, caring environment where students are integrated into regular classes, respecting individual differences.



All students in cycles 2 & 3 are included in the ETSB one-to-one technology program.  In the fall of 2013 Cycle 3 students began using iPads as their primary technology tool.  The benefits of using iPads as learning tools is quickly being recognized by teachers and these are already integrated into classes.

Students in Kindergarten and Cycle 1 are also using Smartboards, laptops, tablets and more to enhance their learning experience.